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I'm thinking of having a guest book for my wedding.
But I'm not sure whether it's a practical thing to do since most of us Malays are not very keen on doing this kind of thing.

Takut jugak kalau aku letak nanti, orang segan/malas pulak nak tulis-tulis.

Lainlah kalau aku buat wedding tu kat hotel.
Of course la orang akan berebut-rebut nak tulis.

Kalau buat kat rumah ni macam bukan budaya orang kita nak letak-letak guest book bagai.

But then, it's a memory for us u know.

It is more than a list of who attended the party.
It is something you and your spouse can treasure the rest of your lives. Just flip through the wedding guest book on your anniversaries, and sweet memories will surely make these days more special than ever.

'btul tak?

So, kawan-kawan semua, silalah tinggalkan tapak kaki kamu dalam guest book kami nanti ya. Sebab seriously mau tau siapa yang sudi singgah waktu kenduri itu. Maklumlah, bukan semua yang datang sempat beramah-mesra dengan pengantin, kan.

By the way, ada sesapa tau kat mana nak carik guest book yang best kat JB nih?

Ok, here is some tips for handling the guest book, taken from this site.

Well, still not sure to choose a guest book with lines or no lines?

If you expect guests to write all sorts of comments, poems or picture sketches, guest book without lines works best. Choose a blank (unlined) guest book. Having lines on the pages will only make people be more rigid when they have the idea of doodling, pasting in pictures, and writing long messages. Oh, and it is good that you have colored pencils, markers, and plenty of pens are available along with the guest book.

For couples that prefer a more traditional way of writing guest book, i.e. guests just sign their names and a brief comment as they enter the wedding reception, then you should opt for guest books with lines. This will ensure your guestbook is neat on the pages and avoid difficulties for guests to write across a page without slanting up or down.


Anonymous said...

mase kt swk dlu, my fren letak guest book dia dlm bilik, n honestly, kitorg maleh nak tulis, n appoint a fren to represent us (rmai mase tu).. tp sib bek dia ade org yg jage guest book tu n dia ckp, tulisla sorg2.. nak xnak, watla..

maybe 30% of tetamu je yg akan tulis kot..kalo wat kat umah la kan. n will see how it goes mase kenduri kamu ye!kalo berjaya, fara pon wat la nnt! jgn lupe wat report eh!

yana said...

fasha ...yana pun cam nak amik guest book...tapi yana order jauh kat kajang...hehehe...yelah kita buat kat umah...takut xder sapa yg nak mencoretkan saja dalam guest book tu nanti kan...hehehhe :)

Fuchsia said...

alamak saspennye camni. tapi rasanya letak je la guest book tu kot sbb setakat 30 inggit je. paling koman pun sedara-mara kita boleh wish anything kat dalam tu ^-^

jauhnya yana order kat kajang tu. beli sendiri or order kat org nih

yunayuni said...

hey.relax ;)

honestly guestbook masih belum betul2 mendapat tempat di kalangan masyarakat kita esp during weddings.

however tak salah kalau cuba coz memang its something worth keeping.bila majlis dah tamat, and u finally relaxed and wind down,its heartwarming to read all the wishes from your guests.lg2 during the wedding itself, you will be too busy to personally engage with your guests.

about the one i made for my friend, no probs.i will make an entry to elaborate about it soon :)


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