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cepat! cepat! promo FREE VCO sampai esok sahaja tau! aaa taknak FREE VCO? nak hadiah lain? bolehhh :)

PM kami for details ya - 019 6555700

10 produk yang terdapat dalam set bersalin Tanamera :

• Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) 100ml
• Brown Formulation Body Soap 125g
• Boreh Body Scrub 4 pek (20g each)
• Herbal Bath 14 pek (10g each)
• Feminine Herbal Wash 14 pek (10g each)
• Herbal Massage Oil 100ml
• Calming Herbal Blend Paste 4 pek (3g each) - Pilis
• Firming Herbal Blend Paste 14 pek (15g each) - Tapel
• Herbal Tea 14 pek (2g each)
• Bengkung (127cm x 53cm)


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yeah seriously, this is ME!

motherhood has never been easy. especially waktu si anak masih kecil comel mcm cik nanish dan aaira yg selalu ketawa bergolek gusti tunggang terbalik dari pagi sampai ke mlm. tapi setiap kali mahu jerit2 marah, selalu ngingatkan diri, they're not forever young. they're not forever ours. these are the times when they needed me most.
waktu ini sahajalah.
so sila tarik nafas dalam-dalam, senyum dan bertanya, 'kenapa sayang?

Mommy, Somebody Needs You'

Ever since we brought our new daughter home, her older brothers have been the first to tell me when she is crying, whimpering or smelling a little suspicious. "Somebody needs you," they say. I have no idea how this little saying started, but at first it sort of annoyed me. I could be enjoying a quick shower... "Mommy, somebody needs you. The baby is crying." Or, sitting down for a second, quite aware that the baby was beginning to stir from a nap.... "Mama, somebody needs you!" OK! I get it already! And not to mention that the newborn's needs pale in comparison to the needs of two little boys. Somebody always needs a snack, a band-aid, a different sock, ice cubes in their water, a NEW Paw Patrol, a stream of snot wiped, a hug, a story, a kiss. Some days never seem to end, and the monotony of being "needed" can really take its toll. Then, it all started to hit me, they need ME. Not anybody else. Not a single other person in the whole world. They need their Mommy.
The sooner I can accept that being Mommy means that I never go off the clock, the sooner I can find peace in this crazy stage of life. That "Mommy" is my duty, privilege and honor. I am ready to be there when somebody needs me, all day and all night. Mommy means I just put the baby back down after her 4 a.m. feeding when a 3-year-old has a nightmare. Mommy means I am surviving on coffee and toddler leftovers. Mommy means my husband and I haven't had a real conversation in weeks. Mommy means I put their needs before my own, without a thought. Mommy means that my body is full of aches and my heart is full of love.
I am sure there will come a day when no one needs me. My babies will all be long gone and consumed with their own lives. I may sit alone in some assisted living facility watching my body fade away. No one will need me then. I may even be a burden. Sure, they will come visit, but my arms will no longer be their home. My kisses no longer their cure. There will be no more tiny boots to wipe the slush from or seat belts to be buckled. I will have read my last bedtime story, seven times in a row. I will no longer enforce time-outs. There will be no more bags to pack and unpack or snack cups to fill. I am sure my heart will yearn to hear those tiny voices calling out to me, "Mommy, somebody needs you!"
So for now, I find beauty in the peaceful 4 a.m. feedings in our cozy little nursery. We are perched above the naked oak trees in our own lavender nest. We watch the silent snow fall and a bunny scampering across its perfect white canvas. It's just me and my little baby, the neighborhood is dark and still. We alone are up to watch the pale moon rise and the shadows dance along the nursery wall. She and I are the only ones to hear the barn owl hooting in the distance. We snuggle together under a blanket and I rock her back to sleep. It's 4am and I am exhausted and frustrated, but it's OK, she needs me. Just me. And maybe, I need her too. Because she makes me Mommy. Someday she will sleep through the night. Someday I will sit in my wheelchair, my arms empty, dreaming of those quiet nights in the nursery. When she needed me and we were the only two people in the world.
Can I enjoy being needed? Sometimes, sure, but often it is tiring. Exhausting. But, it isn't meant to be enjoyed every moment. It is a duty. God made me their Mom. It is a position I yearned for long before I would ever understand it. Over a three-day weekend, my husband couldn't believe how many times our boys kept saying, "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy!" "Are they always like this?" he asked, not able to hide his terror and sympathy. "Yep. All day, everyday. That's my job." And I have to admit that it is the toughest job I have ever had. In a previous life, I was a restaurant manager for a high volume and very popular chain in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. with the expo window overflowing with dishes, a two-hour wait and the electricity inexplicably going out has got nothing on a Tuesday, 5:00 p.m. at the Morton house. And let me tell ya, South Florida diners are some of the toughest to please. But they are a cake walk compared to sleep-deprived toddlers with low blood sugar.
Once upon a time, I had time. For myself. Now, my toenails need some love. My bra fits a little differently. My curling iron might not even work anymore, I don't know. I can't take a shower without an audience. I've started using eye cream. I don't get carded anymore. My proof of motherhood. Proof that somebody needs me. That right now, somebody always needs me. Like last night...
At 3 a.m. I hear the little footsteps entering my room. I lay still, barely breathing. Maybe he will retreat to his room. Yeah right.
"Mommy." A little louder.
"Yes," I barely whisper.
He pauses, his giant eyes flashing in the dim light.
"I love you."
And just like that, he is gone. Scampered back to his room. But, his words still hang in the cool night air. If I could reach out and snatch them, I would grab his words and hug them to my chest. His soft voice whispering the best sentence in the world. I love you. A smile curls across my lips and I slowly exhale, almost afraid to blow the memory away. I drift back to sleep and let his words settle into my heart.
One day that little boy will be a big man. There will no longer be any sweet words whispered to me in the wee hours. Just the whir of the sound machine and the snoring husband. I will sleep peacefully through the night, never a worry of a sick child or a crying baby. It will be but a memory. These years of being needed are exhausting, yet fleeting. I have to stop dreaming of "one day" when things will be easier. Because the truth is, it may get easier, but it will never be better than today. Today, when I am covered in toddler snot and spit-up. Today, when I savor those chubby little arms around my neck. Today is perfect. "One day" I will get pedicures and showers alone. "One day" I will get myself back. But, today I give myself away, and I am tired and dirty and loved SO much, and I gotta go. Somebody needs me.

Namee Roslan!

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yes, we're featured in Namee Roslan's blog!
tiba-tiba visitor blog ai menjadi 2000 semalam.
feeling femes gitu.

thank you Namee for your review!

13 days.

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baru hari ke-13 dalam bulan Januari but it does feels like forever. tragedi pertama ialah cincin risik & tunang dicuri orang. walopon rumah dah dipasang ADT, tapi bila pencuri ialah tetamu yg dtg ke rumah, tak jadik jugak kannn.
ye, agak sedeh di situ.
but then, we manage to get the rings back. of course after some dramas.
with the police and everything.

and handling these 2 kids alone adalah gila mencabar okeh. I have to stop myself from yelling and try calm myself down. Let's face it: children can be as exasperating as they are adorable. And parents are only human hokey!
there's one time when I was driving and Aaira said she wants to eat. of course la aku dah tak concentrate bila dia start pegang bungkusan nasi tu kan. tup tup tengok dia dah tumpahkan SEBUNGKUS NASI AYAM kat celah2 seat kereta okeh. nasib baik leather, kot tak jenuh la omak nak bersihkan kereta ye. and of course, omak hanya mampu mengurut dada dan bersabar. budak kecik kan.

and lots of unexpected things been happening lately, the good, the bad, everything. but all in all, I'm grateful for what I have, the life that I had. 

kan bila kita selalu meminta dimurahkan rezeki, insya allah akan dapat segala rezeki yg dipinta. betul! tapi, takkan ada yang mudah bila hubby tiada di sisi. 

my oh my, I miss him so T_T

Impian 2015!

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OMG dah masuk 2015 hokey!
I feel old!!!

Apapun sempena ada semangat nak nulis blog ni, azam duniawi utk 2015 ialah :
1) beli henbeg Gucci or LV - dah biasa sgt pakai Coach and MK. nak masuk 33 ni citarasa dah berubah mcm makcik2 nak pakai LV pulak la kan. hak hak hak

2) oven Electrolux baru - i teringin nak buat cupcake sendiri padahalnya dah ada kedai kek kot. anytime nak mkn kek boleh je order ha. ini semua gara2 itu AFC channel

3) Steamer Noxxa Amway - tiba2 semangat nak memasak kan. tapi ni nak kukus apa pun tatau. asparagus? kan mentang-mentang la i jual Amway, semua brg pun nak yg Amway punya

4) TV LED 50' - ye rumah ai cuma ada 1 tv oldies ye kawan2. merasa la anak-beranak berebut nak tgk tv ha. selalu omak yg terpaksa mengalah and tgk tv tgh2 pagi buta pukul 1 bila semua anak2 dan bapak dah tido. tu pun kalo terbangun. sebab tu berita terkini cuma dpt dr FB or kwn2 opis. kesian kan

5) cat bilik anak bujang tema hijau + turquoise. ini adalah impian dari awal tahun aritu tapi bila ntah nak pegi kedai beli cat pastu nak ngecat2 semua tu. mcm byk masa free je kan T_T

6) buat banner utk Charms & Colors. ini pun impian zaman berzaman. form nak gantung banner dah amik kat MPPG tapi design tak buat2, as usual alasan adalah bizi tapi sebenarnya logo tak buat lagi sebab rambang mata dgn semua design yg cantek. asyik terpikir kalau dah pilih logo design ni mcm mana nanti kalau dah boring. i nak logo mcm kat bwh ni tapi yes, mmg pompuan yg tak berapa nak tetap pendirian so setiap bln rasa nak tukar logo baru. akhirnya sebab logo tak buat2 maka banner pun jadi impian begitu sahaja T_T

7) Panel TV. Since skrg ni still guna tv oldies, no point la nak buat panel tv kan. After dah beli tv baru nanti baru cek ada tak duit belen nak buat panel tv best mcm kat bwh ni.

Credit to AinEzam

8) Buat passport and oversea's travel! Sgt kesian kan i tak pernah buat passport seumur hidup ni kecuali time sekolah dulu tumpang passport mak pegi S'pore T_T

9) Renovate porch and buat autogate. Sgt sedeh bila hubby takde and musim2 hujan ni kena bukak gate sendiri sampai basah lencun baju ai T_T

10) Last one, telah berazam untuk update blog setiap minggu! and it starts today hokey.

yezza memang semua adalah azam duniawi and mmg byk lagi benda yg aku nak sebenarnya. nak dryer machine, fridge baru, air purifier, nak tukar toilet bowl, beli water heater utk bilik2 lain, pasang wallpaper, etc2 tapi mcm takkan tercapai lagi utk tahun ni. maybe dlm list next year kot. yang penting, setiap bulan kena pastikan at least 1 item tercapai. and for this month target utk tukar mattress baru tercapai suda. berangan nak Slumberland tapi kau ingat kau siapa? so beli King Koil je la ye. tu pun dah riban2 terbang. huhu

that's why kena ada bisnes hebat utk menampung kehendak pompuan ni. biasa la kan. lagi besar periuk, lagi besar keraknya. hak hak hak

oh and no worries frens. setiap bulan kami memang ada peruntukan utk sumbangan kpd badan kebajikan seperti Aman Palestin, Ikram, Amal Johor dan lain-lain lagi. belen2 dari yang itu baru la boleh dienjoy katakkan utk impian2 duniawi diriku mcm yang telah dilistkan tadi. sekian.

And by the way, atas permintaan ramai, promosi FREE extra 1 botol VCO ATAU FREE extra 1 kotak Teh Herba dengan setiap pembelian Set Bersalin TANAMERA akan diteruskan sehingga bulan Januari 2015!

As usual, hubungi kami utk keterangan lanjut ye.

SMS/Whatsapp : 019 6555700


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