When he's breaking things.

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this post is gud okeh.
gud and inspiring.
it will help me to overcome my anger someday.

sila baca okeh.

This Mother's Reaction to Her Son's Fit of Anger Can Teach Us All a Lesson in Parenting

This story from mom and blogger Kathleen Fleming of Majestic Unicornabout her son accidentally breaking a mirror in the house is absolutely inspiring.

This was my hallway last Wednesday.
Broken. Sharp. Treacherous.
This was my hallway.
It was my son who did this.
Sometimes, often really, things break — irreparably. And it takes your breath away . . . straight away.
It took my breath away when my son stormed into the bathroom, frustrated, angry, fed-up for his very own, very significant to him, reasons. And when he chose to SLAM the bathroom door, causing the heavy mirror mounted to the front to slip out of the hardware holding it in place and crash onto the floor — a million, BROKEN pieces were left reflecting the afternoon light.
I was quiet. I surveyed the damage and took a deep breath. Put the dog outside so he wouldn't cut his feet, put the cat in the basement for the same reason.
I walked into the backyard and felt the hot tears streaming down my face. It's amazing how alone you can feel as a single parent in moments like these. I realized how scared and disappointed I felt. Did this really just happen? Yes. This was real.
And as I stood and considered whether or not this was an indication of his developing character, I heard his tears through the window above me, coming from inside the bathroom.
His soul hurt. This was not what he expected either. Hello, Anger — I don't remember inviting you into my house.
Deep breath, #MamaWarrior. Deep breath. That small, fragile soul needs you right now. He needs your very best. Your biggest compassion. Your most gentle and firm mama love and reassurance. More deep breaths. Go Mama.
Go. Go now. Go open the front door, tiptoe through the broken glass, hear him hearing you coming, watch the bathroom door crack open, see the face you love most in the world red with worry and wet with tears, his voice is suddenly so small: "Mama, I'll never do it again, I am SO sorry." More tears. More weeping. Such uncertainty on his sweet face.
Go Mama. Get him. Go now. Scoop him into your lap. Yup, you're crying too. Damn this was big. Hold him tight. Watch how he curls into a ball in your arms so quickly. See how eager he is to be loved by you. To be reassured by you. See how small he still is. See how fragile that spirit is.
I love you.
You are safe.
I am right here.
The worst part is over now.
I've got you.
I'm here.
I love you.
Go Mama. Tell him about Anger. Tell him now. Anger is a really powerful feeling. You have a right to your Anger. Anger burns hot. It can purify. It can also destroy. He nods. He feels it. He's met Anger now.
There's a better way to show your big feelings.
We'll work on it together . . . tomorrow.
I'm here to help you.
You are safe.
You are never alone in your anger.
You are never alone in your fears.
I'm here. We're here together.
Now we will clean together.
And we cleaned up the broken pieces. We swept and we vacuumed. It was quiet work. It was careful work. It was thoughtful work.
Sometimes things break. Sometimes we break them. It's not the breaking that matters, the how or why. What matters is how we choose to respond to the broken-ness. Does it kill us? Does it throw us into a downward spiral of blame and punishment?
Does it help us remember how to love deepest? Does it push us towards compassion and over the hurdle of "rightness" and "wrongness" into LOVENESS?
Go Mama. Go now. Get that baby of yours. Teach that. Show that. Live that. It's called LOVENESS. Go. Now.

We're in Lazada!

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Dah 22 hari di bulan Januari pun kan.
And today baru sempat updet tentang benda paling best that happened to me sebagai pembuka 2016 dan penutup 2015 iaitu Lazada!

yey after all the hardship, we're finally in Lazada...

I got to know about it when I was in the office.
Nobody call me pun.
And suddenly on 30/12, around 5.06 pm (ai still ingat waktu keramat itu okeh! keskeskes), I received my first order and that's when I know that it's already going live. ye saye telah menulis ini sambil sengih2. hehe

Maybe utk org lain, to be in Lazada is just something ordinary. but for me, it's quite a big achievement. sebab Charms & Colors bermula secara suka2, kongsi rahsia di blog ini, and now ia telah menjadi salah satu punca pendapatan kami dan para dropshipper kami. And to be where I am now is not easy ye (which akan dicerita pd next-next entry). And to be in the rank of Top-Rated Seller in less than 1-month time is just as unbelievable!

There're lots of thing that I have to do to be in Lazada. Kebetulan, time nak apply tu, my SSM dah expired. So I've to go to SSM office kat JB to renew the thing. And tak jadi renew but I have to create a new company sebab nak tukar nama lain. Actually nak tukar ejaan je pun but then, everything akan jadi baru, so it's like a new company. macam sayang la pulak sebab nanti our business age jadi zero balik kan. The actual date is 17 Mei 2012 but after the changes, it was 28 October 2015.

Then after dah setel SSM, I've to open a company account. yang ni aku dah cerita in my last entry --> the bad experience with CIMB P. Gudang.

Then, nak kena attend online training. if tak lepas training ni kena wait for another 6 months baru bole apply balik. which is, kalau aku ada byk masa terluang or if aku ni business full-time, bole la kot nak attend training ni senang2. unfortunately I am a full time worker plus mommy of 2 kiddos yg tgh ligat plus having a long distance relationship with cik hubby plus of course this online business, so agak kekurangan masa di situ utk kegiatan lain. and I've to attend the training within 24 hrs ye.

and of course I passed!
then bila dah setel training tu, kena uplod produk kat seller centre, which is there're strict criteria to be fulfilled. Everything kena follow the given guide, kalo tak, kena reject okeh. and sempat la pulak kan aku nak amik gambar pakai DSLR bagai. sebab selalunya memang encik Google yg memberi bantuan gambar.

and to get my product to be approved adalah gila lama!
sebab they have thousands of others to attend to.
then bila kena reject, kena queue balik.
tensen mak.
akhirnya dalam beratus-ratus of my product, aku sempat uplod 16 produk je and cuma 7 yang lepas ye.
itupun tak menang tangan mak nak handle order yg masuk ni ha.
and then payment terms adalah 14 days ye.
kalau ai ni duit berkilo-kilo kat bank takpe jugak.
Charms & Colors adalah 100% duit sendiri tanpa loan dari sesiapapun kecuali cik hubby. tapi duitmu kan duitku jua. keskeskes.

sebenarnya nak cerita secara serius but this is my blog okeh. I have another blog yg aku boleh menulis secara serius iaitu charmsandcolors.blogspot.com (yg agak jarang diupdet juga ;p) so kalau nak membeli-belah or membaca apa-apa tips, sila ke sana ya.

and another thing is, our official website is now http://charms.shoppy.my which akan diceritakan di lain entry jugak. heee

So, you know, these are like the highlights of my entire 2015 ye! lalala~

sorry but this is my personal blog.
utk sebarang pertanyaan & pembelian produk, (NR/Tanamera/Amway/Shaklee/Ephyra/Anugerah/etc), please go to below address :

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the kindergarten!

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I've been neglegting this blog. I know.
and it's a good thing actually.
It means that kepala aku tak berapa nak serabut dah.

Come to think of it, memang betul pun.
I only write when there're lots of things in my mind yg aku tak rasa nak luahkan di alam biasa.

Anyway, tomorrow is 2016 ye.
Sangat cepat masa berlalu kan.

Danish is going to kindy next Sunday.
We lived in Jhr so school always starts on Sundays.
I hate it that school is off on Friday when I had to work on that day.

Hubby is also off on Friday/Saturday so I'm thinking of taking day off on some of the Fridays next year.
Macam kesian kat budak2 kan.
And leceh la nak balik kampung pasni.

So anyway, we've been kindy hunting for the past few months and bln 10 tu dah register kat Brainy Bunch pun.
tiba-tiba tengok, ada pulak Little Caliph baru bukak kat sini.

I've been eyeing on Little Caliph for sooo long.
I love their way of educating the kids with the English Medium Islamic Montessori kind of thing.
and the fees is quite acceptable.
Tapi time tu cuma ada kat Tmn Scientex je and no way that I'm gonna send Danish to that place sebab kawasan tu adalah gila jem okeh! people said that it's like masuk ke mulut harimau ye!

and then my fren said that CIC also baru open dkt Bkt Dahlia.

so telah berbelah bagi.
Brainy Bunch is RM630 per month. Registration and all = RM1650. Little Caliph is RM400. Registration and all = RM2090.

so sebenarnya lebih kurang je kot.
and we have to pay for another day-care sebab aku keje on Friday, and it is RM120 per month.

I don't get to check on CIC sebab aritu bila call je, they said already full, so malas nak tanya yuran.
There're lots of other good kindy around here tapi hubby nak yg sekali dgn day care so that Danish tak payah naik van.

kesian okeh kecik2 kena naik van.
even nanti kalau dia dah darjah 1 pun aku tatau macam mana nak bagi dia naik van.

I don't care much about the kindy actually.
Sebab Danish kecik lagi kot.
Biar dia main puas2 and enjoy his childhood life as long as he wants to.

Sekarang ni pun dia dah hafal beberapa surah lazim, al fatihah semua tu, so as long as he behave, pandai baca sikit2 then it's fine with me. Tak perlu la nak belajar sempoa bagai, dengan homework berlambak bwk balik rumah. He's only 5 okeh!

So this Friday we're going there for some briefing and parents meet-up.
not sure if hubby is going to be here this weekend.
he's been commuting KB-T'ganu-PG for almost every weekend now and I'm so kesian with him.
But then he's overly excited that Danish is finally going to kindy okeh. omak adalah tiada berperasaan, as usual.

So, until next year, bye!

sorry but this is my personal blog.
utk sebarang pertanyaan & pembelian produk, (NR/Tanamera/Amway/Shaklee/Ephyra/Anugerah/etc), please go to below address :

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