The Furniture

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I want that beautiful red sofa.
Fabric. Not leather or jati, but real fabric.
I hate jati.

But I don't think it will be quite suitable for us since fabric sofa prone to be dirtied quite easily, right?

'what if someday, my kids termuntah atas sofa tu.
mesti akan mengamuk sakan la mak dia ni, kan?

Whatever it is, I've told my dear hubby that our sofa must be in red color.
And guess what? He totally agreed with me.
*wink wink*

And striking green curtains to match with it.

And that gorgeous Japanese-style bedroom set from Cavenzi.

or this lovely Balinese-style bed.

And that crooked-shaped display cabinet.

And the stunning room divider.

and, and...
'wahhh sangat tak sabarlah mau membeli-belah nih!

and, oh... look at that!
This contemporary living room set is made of belle suede and wood.

Very nice, kan.
I'm sooo into this type of modern design.

'maybe cream-colored sofa is not so bad after all.
I can always use red curtain to match with it.
hem hem.

Tadi time video conference kat opis, kepala otak aku bole dok terpikir pasal that red sofa and the green curtain.

very the ding-dong.

Another 8 months until our wedding and I haven't prepared a thing!
Hantaran untuk majlis tunang ni pun lansung tak disentuh lagi.

haish haish.
Terover excited la pulak dengan furniture untuk rumah baru.

Engagement Dress

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I'm going to wear red for my Engagement Day.
real red.
my fav chilli chilli red.

Aritu waktu jumpa my mak andam, he asked me what's the color of my dress.
When I said red, dia gelak.
Dia cakap kat my mum, orang zaman sekarang ni warna dah tak macam dulu.
Semua nak yang berani-berani.
Dulu-dulu kan kaler mesti la ala-ala pastel gitu.
Typical white.


I love red.
I do love red.
Tapi bukan aku kemaruk sangat nak pakai merah gini pun time bertunang nanti.
Tapi sebab baju tu memang dah sedia ada, given by my aunty yang ada boutique kat Subang nuu, dah memang sangat lawa, so baik guna untuk majlis ni kan.
Tak payah la susah-susah nak sewa, or susah-susah nak buat baju lain, nak kena carik tailor lagi.

Baju nikah aku tu pun terbiar dalam beg lagi sebab tatau mau nempah di mana.

haih haih.

Lain kali pun tatau bila ntah nak guna baju ni lagi.
My annual dinner selalunya ada theme sendiri.
Lagipun takkan nak pakai baju merah meriah begini kan ^ ^

So, muktamad.
I'm going to wear red for my engagement.
And of course akan memaksa si dia juga ^ ^


The Wedding Book

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I've finally got my official blue-colored Wedding Book.
yey at last ^ ^
but why on earth that I choose blue, I don't know.

Now I can jot down all the important things yang terlintas kat otak such as the cost of this and that, the tailor, the suitable design, the bridal, the souvenir, etc etc.

But so far the only thing that I've wrote in it is my list of hantaran.
harus lebih rajin ni ye cik.

And I've got my Wedding File also.
A place where I clips all the receipts of our buyings for the engagement and wedding.

'haa improvement kan nih ^ ^

oh dear.
so much to do and so little time T_T

Anyway, those who wants to share their thoughts with me can drop their email at the Komen box. Tak nyempatlah mau mereply di sini but insya allah I'll get back to u as soon as possible.

ya, and by email of course ^ ^

The Ring

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We've found the ring.
my beautiful, gorgeous engagement ring.

Last week we went to Habib Jewel to buy it.
My hubby and me.
We've already went there once.
Konon-kononnya mau jalan-jalan survey-survey dulu.
Tapi entah macam mana boleh terpaut hati dengan satu cincin nih.
3 mata.
Memang sangat tastylah.
Harga pun not bad.

Tapi si dia tak berapa suka pulak.
He likes the other one better.
the vintage, timeless solitaire...

He said that it is much better, bigger and lovelier.
Tapi lebih mahal juger.

Actually aku bukan nak yang mahal sangat pun.
Yang 3 mata tu memang dah sedang elok la tu.
It is more stylish and modern look.
Tapi si dia yang sangat bermurah hati telah memberikan yang lebih baik.
the spectacular, classic cut diamond ring...
He said that he loves me so much dan ini tanda cintanya yang sangat mendalam pada aku.

'kan sangat sweet bila dia cakap camtu time kami tgh sibuk memilih cincin kan.

Bila tengok ulang-ulang, gosh... I felt so ecstatic!
And I can't stop staring at it!

It is absolutely my dream ring...
Now I can't wait for the day to come ^-^

Thank you dear...
thank you thank you thank you ^-^
Love u sooo much!


2 days until our Merisik day.
Sunday, 5th April 2009.
another lovely ring on my finger.
**wink wink**


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