si cantek Aaira

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little Aaira is 7 mths 2 weeks old now.
dah tumbuh gigi 2 batang.
dah merangkak when she was 5 mths++ and dah duduk start 6 bln.
dah berdiri secara lepas tangan sebelah dengan berlagaknye sejak 7 bln ye.

gigih tu budak pompuan ni dok panjat baby cot, grill pintu and playpen abang dia.

yes, she's growing up well...
and... she'll be a toddler soon!

my oh my, how time flies...
mommy will never gets enough of you baby...
bau yg busuk masyam tapi tetap sedap dan sentiasa dirindu. hihi

Aaira is wearing Autumnz Headbands by CHARMSandCOLORS
murah, super comel and selesa!
ready stock ye. and saya guna Poslaju.
sesiapa nak boleh contact saya di :
019 6555700 or
Facebook : CHARMSandCOLORS


10 (mildly shallow) Reasons to Breastfeed

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Suddenly terpaut dgn ini Scarymommy website.

I read lesser nowadays.
Seriously tak cukup masa ok.
Balik kerja adalah waktu bersama dgn Aaira and Danish, bagi the kids makan, wait till their papa came home then I'll have my bathe, time utk tidurkan diorang and selalunya aku pun ikut tertidur sekali. Pukul 12 tiba-tiba terjaga, so packing barang utk pos esoknya sambil borak2 kejap dengan hubby, then nyambung tidur.

So, pilihan adalah di situ.
Family, memasak, mengemas or membaca.

oh by the way, these are some gud article to share with you from Scarymommy.

I breastfeed my kids.
I’m passionate about it.
I’m righteous about it. But I’m not entirely honest about it. I advertise that I do it for the heartfelt and health-related reasons we’ve all heard from other moms and pediatricians a bazillion times. But come on. If there weren’t also some hardcore mama-centric reasons to let my kid nibble on my nips for a year, I’d never be able to endure the insane commitment. These are the reasons that see me through the worst breastfeeding days and get me to hang in there when I want to bail. They’re pretty damn shallow, but whatever. They get the job done. Need some reasons to breastfeed, too? 

1. Milk boobs are awesome. Have you seen milk boobs? The new-mom, my-milk-just-came-in(!!) boobs? They’re glorious. They’re porn star glorious except they’re REAL. They’ll make even the staunchest feminist reconsider her rabid stance on breast augmentation. These fabulous tits were a fabulous surprise after my first child, and a highly anticipated perk (for both my husband and me) after my second.

2. I don’t have to work out. My baby weight lost itself because breastfeeding burns 500-800 calories A DAY. Even my best workout when I was in my twenties and maintaining a hot college body to bring the boys to the yard didn’t burn 800 calories. How crazy would I be to opt out of something that burns a shitload of calories while I sit on my ass, snuggling my baby, in my thirties?

3. I don’t feel remotely guilty about what I eat. I need to replace the calories nursing burns otherwise my milk production decreases dramatically. So heeeelllllloooo, Smashburger. Thank you for contributing to the cause of better infantile nutrition. And yes, I would like a salted-caramel shake with that. It’s all in the name of milk production.

 4. I can’t forget my breasts when I leave the house. I’ve forgotten diapers, clothes, blankets, binkies, the stroller, the entire diaper bag after spending 20 minutes packing it, and even the friggen baby, but I’ve never forgotten milk. If you don’t have kids, having one less thing to remember as you herd your family out the door may not seem significant. If you do have kids, you know how significant it is.

5. I get guaranteed breaks during crappy social functions. It is completely acceptable to excuse yourself from a party to nurse your child in private. Even though I don’t really care about privacy, I sometimes take advantage of this understanding to avoid awkward acquaintances and annoying relatives and go play Angry Birds or check Facebook for awhile.

6. Aunt Flo goes on sabbatical... *period ye period* 
Thanks to breastfeeding, I made it 50 weeks sans Aunt Flo after my daughter was born. My son just turned one and I’m still waiting for her return. If you count her absence during my pregnancy, I haven’t seen her in nearly 2 years. TWO YEARS. I don’t miss that bitch at all.

 7. I can instantly comfort my screaming baby without having to troubleshoot the actual problem. Sometimes I’m too tired or busy to try to figure out what the baby is crying about, so I just nurse him. Nine times out of 10, shoving a boob in his mouth calms him down immediately. Note: This also works with his father.

 8. I can have unprotected sex for 6 months. When done correctly, breastfeeding is an effective form of birth control up to the baby’s 6-month birthday. So no hormones for me, and no condoms for my husband, for 6 months. Like I said though, you have to do it right or you end up with Irish twins. Like my parents did. D’oh.

9. Breast milk poop smells a hell of a lot better than formula poop. I have to change a lot of disgusting poopy diapers, so if anything can make them less disgusting, I’m in. Breast milk poop smells, but it doesn’t stink. Not like formula shit. I found this out firsthand when changing a friend’s formula-fed baby. I thought something died in her diaper. I almost called Animal Control.

10. When my kids have kids, I can hold it over their heads that when they were babies, I did everything right and know everything. The extreme commitment and effort of breastfeeding lends a lot of credibility to the future backseat parenting of my grandchildren.

How to be a Happier Mom

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how in the world did I ever think that having one kid was so hard?!
having 2 kids are harder okeh.
haha T_T

especially when your hubby and family are not always around.
kalau semua duduk dekat2 ni tak kesah la kan.
ada maid, family dekat, mak dekat, then it will be easy peasy for you.

But nevertheless, it’s not always easy being a mom.
First, you birth them, then you bathe them, then you teach them right from wrong. No matter how hard you try, with all that you do right, you're bound to do some things wrong. You gently guide, praying that your mistakes will be minimal, and their understanding large.

It is very hard as mom when you have discipline problems with the children such as when kids have done something they're not supposed to do, or throw tantrums or give you the silent treatment -- or scream, "I hate you!".

and these are some tips on how to be a happier mom that I get from Wikihow.
  • Don't be too hard on your kids. Don't just ground them, or do some other form of punishment, but first talk to them on why this upset you. Take the time to let your kids know that you're not doing this just because you're angry, but because you love them.
  • Have a night for some fun! Take a day at least once a week for a girls night out, or a date night. It'll make you feel young, happy, and (possibly) fun and tipsy!
  • Relax. Every day always take 15-20 minutes to massage your feet, hands, and shoulders. Especially your feet.
  • Be stylish. For example, go shopping for an economical shirt. Doing this and picking out something that makes you feel sexy is a confidence booster.

  • Dance, sing! Do this with your kids, it'll make you feel like a better mom and it's a lot of fun.
  • When you and your kid are feeling kind of down, then the next day take off from work and disable your kids alarm clock or don't wake them up and surprise them the next morning with their favorite breakfast and a day of hanging out. But only do this with one of your kids so they'll feel special, plus you'll be able to develop a closer relationship, and get to know him or her as a person not just as your son or daughter.
  • Smile all the time, when you do it often the smile will stop having to be forced.
  • If you find yourself yelling at your kids all the time then try to figure out why your so overly stressed, it'll make everyone feel loads better.
  • DON'T OVER DO THE "GOING OUT". If you're out late every night to feel younger or more "alive", then you need to stop. Just stop. If you don't you'll regret it.


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