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Semalam balik kerja, aku neman Hubby motong rambut.
Tengah nak kuar kete tu, tup tup, 'eh? nape ada room divider cantek kat sini??

Maka, 'wahhh~ telah teruja on d spot lalu singgah.
Hubby gi setelkan hal dia and aku melepek kat furniture shop kat Kota Masai nuu.

Setelah operasi tawar-menawar, dari RM1100 jadi RM800 sajer okeh.
Tatau la kot kalau tempah lagi murah, kan.
'apa pendapat u ols?

Apapun, ai excited yo!

Pastu nampak pulak mini bar yang comel di situ.
And after less dlm RM750 sajer.
Murahan jugek!
The mini bar is quite big and dia bagi skali dgn 2 stools cam kat bawah nih sebab tu aku rasa cam murah.

Tapi bila fikir-fikir balik, motif sebenar adalah nak carik wall divider sebab nak bezakan living room ngan ruang makan.

Kot kalo letak mini bar kat living room tu harus semak-samun rumah aku ngan kerusi kang; sofa + mini bar + dining chairs.


So, walopon lebih murah tapi lebih baik carik wall divider cantek yg tak berapa nak menyemakkan fikiran.

ye, itupun bergantung pada keadaan tabung buluh kami.
Kot kalo duit tak cukup kang memang postpone je la hajat nak beli benda alah tu.
Sebabnya, ada banyakkk benda penting lain yang kami perlu beli contohnya cam lampu-lampuan cantek untuk dipasang dalam rumah.

Sebabnya, ko bukan nak tebuk cornice kat siling/dinding tu banyak2 kali pun kan, so harus la beli lampu/kipas cantek at one go.

And of cos la u ols tau bape harga lampuan-lampuan yg cantek begitu kan...

Aku dah listkan a few of ciri-ciri pemilihan rumah beserta dgn pros and cons yg aku rasa memang penting la before korang buat keputusan nak yang beli rumah yang mana.

Location & Neighborhood
• Suburbs or Country
Pros : Generally less expensive. Often newer. More home for the money.
Cons : More time in traffic if driving to town for work. Further away from entertainment options that cities offer.

• Urban
Pros : Closer to many employers. Walking distance to theaters, restaurants, schools. Many period homes offer more distinctiveness in styles.
Cons : Often noisier. Higher crime rates. More expensive. Period homes (99 yrs)

• Busy Streets
Pros : Often homes on streets with more traffic are thousands of dollars cheaper. If noise doesn't bother you, don't go for homes on busy streets. Drive by at different times of the day/week to ascertain noise levels.
Cons : These types of homes will always sell for less than others in the same area. If bedrooms are located near the front of the home, sleep may be disturbed.

• Dead-end Street
Pros : Number one choice of buyers with children.
Cons : Less privacy, neighbors know more about you.

• Corner Lots
Pros : Often larger lots. Fewer neighbors. More visibility. Larger space for renovation.
Cons : More traffic noise. More vulnerable to vehicles jumping the curb. Kids might trespass at the corner. The garden will look messy/untidy if do not have enough care.

Type of Home
• Ground Home (Terrace/Single)
Pros : Good appreciation. Opportunity for gardens. More privacy. Quieter. Can be extended further.
Cons : More expensive than our next category. More maintenance.

• Condos, Townhomes, Cooperatives
Pros : Less expensive compared to ground homes. Generally newer, so fewer repairs. Lock-n-go lifestyle. No yard or exterior maintenance.
Cons : Less privacy. Noisier. Common walls and/or floors and ceilings. Sometimes no private yard or balcony. Cannot be extended further.

Number of Stories
• Single Story
Pros : Easy wheelchair access. Some medical conditions such as bad knees make it hard for certain individuals to climb stairs. Easier to clean.
Cons : Smaller space. Can be noisier if stereos or televisions are located on the same floor as bedrooms. Some people feel safety is compromised if bedrooms are located at ground level.

• More than One Story
Pros : More living space on same foundation than a ranch home. Less noise if entertaining on lower level while other family members sleep upstairs.
Cons : More trips up and down the stairs to carry stuff to bedrooms. If laundry rooms are on the second floor, washer leaks are major. More difficult to clean.

Interior Specifications
• Number of Bedrooms

Pros : Common minimum requested configurations are 3 bedrooms. Newer parents prefer bedrooms located on one level. Better for big family. Guests will feel much more comfortable having their own bedroom.
Cons : Children have to share if the house has less than 3 rooms. 2 bedrooms appeal primarily to first-time home buyers, singles or seniors. No extra room for guest.

• Number of Bathrooms
Pros : More than two bath is preferred by most people. Often more expensive but less privacy for 2-bathroom house.
Cons : Don't pass up a 2-bath home if there is room to add a third bath. Sometimes it costs less to put in an extra bath than it does to buy a 3-bath home.

• Square Footage (eg : 20x70/22x80)
Pros : Larger space offer more room and cost less per square foot than smaller spaces.
Cons : Don't be misled as lay-out is more important than actual square footage. Sometimes well designed smaller spaces appear larger.

• Bonus Rooms
Pros : Extra space for media rooms, art studios, children's playrooms, gyms, study.
Cons : More expensive.

• Attached

Pros : Cheaper to build. Convenient if raining.
Cons : Higher noise levels inside the home from cars. Some people feel they are an eye sore.

• Detached
Pros : Can be tucked away from site lines. Quieter.
Cons : More expensive to build. Farther to walk in bad weather.

Additional Considerations

• Schools
• Special amenities such as pools
• Condition of plumbing, electrical & cooling units
• Available utilities such as cable or DSL, satellite
• Sewer, cesspool or septic connections
• Fixers. If you're handy with tools, you might save a lot of money if you consider homes that need minor improvements, fresh paint or new carpeting


so, ok?


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