what the...???

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
did i step over the line?
AM I???

oh maybe i'm just an extreme scorpio.
and my dark side always tend to take over.

and well, amid the sweety cool surface, i do blow up sometimes you know.

this is stupid.

Scorpio is brave, very secretive and deceptive calm on the surface, but beneath the surface passion burns and Scorpio love and hate with the same intense fervor. Scorpio never do anything half done and it's always all or nothing applies. Scorpio is a real good judge of character and they have a strong compassion for the "real" problems. However they does not tolerate people who complain about unimportant or insignificant problems.

Scorpio can easily read other people and they like to analyze and study their surroundings. However, they are not so easy to read for others and they usually keep large parts of their lives and their inner secrets hidden which makes them hard to get into life.

Scorpio is like all water signs incredibly sensitive and this sensitivity tends sometimes take destructive forms, they can have extremely difficulties to forgive or forget a injustices and they can be really vindictive and they don't shy away to use their empathic ability to make other poorly. Scorpio also often has a great need for control and they can become extremely jealous.

Scorpio is perhaps jealous, but an incredibly loyal friend and partner. Scorpio appetite and need for sex is almost inexhaustible, and it's not for nothing that Scorpio's ruling part of the body is the sexual organ. They are usually powerful lover but also romantics of great proportions. When Scorpios fall in love they do it with a vengeance, and nothings can stop them.

Scorpio loves and lives with their very own glow and they do sometimes struggle with the dark sides of themselves that sometimes tend to take over. Scorpio is very interested in existential questions and they easily get in touch with their own as well as others inner soul. They can be somewhat of a seeker after higher meaning. Scorpio has a strong desire to transform both their own and others' consciousness which makes Scorpio often go through different phases of change in their lives but also that they have the ability to help and guide others.

Appropriate career choice : 
Anything that has the task of helping others, for example. Psychologist, surgeon, researcher, police officer, detective, healer, teacher.

Sensitive body parts : Sexual organs

Good qualities :
Purposeful and determined
Intelligent and astute
Intuitive and good character connoisseur
Problem solver and extremely durable
Very sexy and passionate

Less good qualities :
Overly jealous
Ownership of Fixed against his partner
Can be cruel and revengeful
Suspicious and bitter
May have a compulsive behavior

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