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Love & Kisses ✿ sha
i'm so in love with this Christian & Anastasia okeh.
ni la penyebab aku tido pukul 4.30 pg for the last few days ha.

cerita dia memang best.
u will be sooo excited to know what will happen to them next.
the setback is just that, EL James is not a very good writer and the storylines are sometimes mcm tak berapa nak match the situation. hmm

and i wish Christian is 35++ though.
lebih sesuai kot.

I won't say that these are the best written books out there.
they aren't suppose to be.
but I had so much fun reading them everyday.
especially their emails.
awww ^_^

and how i wish these novels are written by Judith McNaught!

and no, please don't look at 'that' thing je kan.
by all means, skip la kalo tak suka.
BDSM is not really a bad thing anyway.
u'll see a whole new perspective there.

and walaupun dah baca the ebook, i still need the paperback for my collection coz i'm sure i'll read it again in near future (i'm currently re-reading the 1st book okeh!). and sebab dah takde jual kat sini maka telah mengorder dari Amazon together with the movie.

gigih tak gigih la kan.

ni some of the behind the scene yg aku suka gila.
both of them are sooo sweettt okehh!

and that Umbrella song has been in my head since last night. skrg dah jadi ringtone ye.

I read approx a book a day and once I read them I archive and never look back. When I completed the last book in this trilogy, I was not ready to let go of the characters. I immediately re-read 1 and now will be starting 2 again! The romance is the main character and I for one would love to see this series continued!

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