and again.

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
and he's coming home again tonite.
commuting to and fro Kemaman-KB-PG-KL.
the endless bus rides, flight trips...
as usual.
every weekend.
will he ever gets tired of these i don't know.
with him going to Dubai next year.
i don't know...

he's doing great out there.
and he's happy.
far happier than with his last job here in PG.

it's never been easy with this long distance relationship; with me being the only one handling the kids alone.
and of course with all sorts of CABARAN here.

but if he's happy then let him be.
let it be this way.
i can cope.
i can always cope.
i'm a Scorpio kan.

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harzharun said...

Sesekali tu dtg la kemaman, turun KT jumpa aku...hehe.
Aku bli tudung qisya kat ig biasa2 je. Ada aku tag kat ig yg kat video tu...kain x best...nipis kalo takot panas ok ke kot...


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