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Lowest price in the market!!

1 pack = RM28.00 (Normal price = RM39.00)
Twin pack = RM54.00 (Normal price = RM65.00)


These bottles are made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic which research has shown to prevent precious antibodies from clinging to the sides of the bottles. All materials used are approved for food storage by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our bottles are compatible with most standard pump systems including Medela, Ameda and Spectra breast pumps.

Pump, store and feed all from the same bottle!

  • Designed to meet the need for extra collection containers
  • Containes 6 (5oz/ 150ml) storage containers, 6 solid caps and 2 cup feeders.
  • Ideal for breastmilk collection (*If you want to direct feed using the same bottle, you can purchase the bottle collar ring separately)
  • Appropriately sized for pumping moms to store expressed breastmilk
  • Unique and adorable design: Adorable cartoons with wordings which helps to motivate the mother as she lovingly expresses milk for her baby's needs
  • Hand express into it OR attach directly to any compatible standard breastpump (Medela, Ameda, Mamivac, Spectra etc)
  • Suitable for storage in refrigerator or freezer
  • Feed direct from the container for cup feeding or use the cup feeder given which also doubles up as a bottle cap! Cup feeding does not interfere with the way a baby attaches to and suckle at the breast
  • Easy indentification - record the mother's name, date and collection time by using a wipeable marker
  • Made of food-grade polypropylene - does not bind or hold milk fat during storage
  • Non-toxic - does not contain BPA, PVC or Phthalates

Made of Polypropylene, the safest plastic for storing breastmilk featuring the following benefits.

  • Shatterproof : No cracking and splintering when dropped
  • Proven food-grade material : Designed to retain breastmilk's beneficial properties
  • No Bisphenol-A : Safest plastic for breastmilk storage



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nasrah ab rahim said...

Yg ni ade stok x?

nasrah ab rahim said...

Yg ni ad lg x?

sha said...

stok ada sis. boleh lihat di fb : charmsandcolors

Khalid Mohd Tamamuddin said...

milk storage mom precious bottle tu ada lagi x stock?


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