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Love & Kisses ✿ sha
I was online window-shopping yesterday in search for a toy for little Danish.
Now I know why I didn’t buy any toy for Danish lately... it's so difficult to pick one toy that satisfy my criteria!

Bukan memilih sangat pun.
I just want something that's unique in design.
+ value for money.
+ minimum clutter to the house.
and a toy that Danish will definitely play & appreciate until he’s 5 at least. heee~

My choices are narrowed down to these three walker cum wagon cum ride-ons.
But I'm not sure which is the best purchase.

Fisher-Price : Walker to Wagon

Little Tikes : My First Cozy Coupe Walker Ride On

Taf Toys : Developmental Walker (4 in 1 Usage)

Macam tiga2 pun sangat tastylah but I personally love the first one.
Try search brand lain macam Playskool tapi entah ye.
Bila dah tambah2 search nih banyak la benda lain yang masuk dalam list aku macam Rocking Horse from Little Tikes tu.

Tapi Danish belum stabil nak guna ride-ons macam ni lagi kot.
Tunggu lagi 6 bulan la mommy belikan kuda utk Danish ye.
Sekarang kita main itu wagon dulu okeh?

Hardcore toys for toddler :


10th month :
Your baby may be able to walk if you hold both of his hands. Keep in mind that each child is different and don’t force your child to walk, if he is not ready for it. He can perceive depth and if he crawls, he does not attempt to go down steps head first. He responds to one or two commands. Furthermore he begins to anticipate and remember (example: when the refrigerator opens he expects food; when you grab your purse, he will expect you’re going out). When you are singing together he may even know when the surprise happens. He pokes, prods, and explores with his hands. He peeps around corners and loves to play peek-a-boo. He begins to show a preference for the sounds he hears in the language(s) spoken around him. He imitates and tries to copy actions.

Activity :
• Show him how to push a small car or truck along the floor. After a while, he’ll learn to let go so that the car rolls by itself.
• Play “follow the leader”; he’ll love to imitate. Use simple gestures like tapping the table, opening and closing your fist, or putting a hat on your head. Talk about what you’re doing so he can learn the words.
• Talk to him on a real or play phone. He’ll learn the fun of carrying on a conversation.
• Go outside: At this stage, he’ll enjoy putting things into other things. He’ll enjoy putting leaves, twigs or toys in a container/bucket.
• Put a small toy inside a paper bag or box. As he struggles to get it, he’ll increase his understanding of inside and out.
• Reserve a cabinet for his toys; putting them away can be half the fun.
• Help him blow bubbles using a straw in his bathwater. You blow, and see if he’ll imitate you.
• Toys : Building blocks, play phones, toys that fit in each other, wheel pals, creativity tables.

11th month :
Your child cruises along the furniture, standing up without your help. He pulls himself up and sits again with confidence. He knows that smaller objects fit in larger ones. His babbling begins to have the intonation of language. He responds to one or two commands. He knows the word “no,” but may not be able to cease from trying something anyway.

Activity :
• Chase games are fantastic to play now as it is fun to crawl from Mommy and Daddy, but safe when they catch up.
• Create obstacle courses with pillows. This will challenge the baby’s physical and mental abilities. Your baby will learn to use his body and take risks – this will help him build confidence. You will see how rewarding it is for your Baby and you to have baby conquer a complicated course that can involve going through, under, around and over things like pillows.
• Play hide-and-seek games with objects. You can use stuffed animal or toys and hide them in a place that is easily for your baby to locate. Let your baby take a turn hiding an object from you too.
• Play with flour paint: Spread a thin layer of flour on a clean, smooth surface. Demonstrate how to rub your finger in the floor to make circles, zigzags and slashes.
• Get a laugh: He’s developing a sense of humour and will laugh when something isn’t right, like when you pretend to drink from his bottle or try to put on his shoe. Change the game and let him put on your shoe.
• Push a toy car through a cardboard tunnel. See if he watches for it to come out the other side.
• Roll him a ball and encourage him to roll it back. He’ll get better as you practice.
• Dress a doll or stuffed animal in an outfit with a zipper. Show him how the zipper goes up and down. Before long, he’ll try to pull down the zipper himself.
• Toys : Wheel pals, toy cars, walk and ride toys, dolls that can be dressed and undressed.

12th month :
At this age you will see that your baby likes other children but does not play with them. He imitates actions such as talking on the phone, sweeping, pushing a shopping cart, etc. He is able to anticipate your action (example: he may have his arms ready for his t-shirt). Your 1-year-old moves one toy to reach another that was hidden from view. He now makes only the sounds found in the language he hears. He understands much of what is being said. He displays affection in hugs, kisses and smiles.

Activity :
• By the time your baby reaches 1 year of age, he is ready to explore the world. Simple games, obstacle courses and rhyming songs can entertain your baby for many hours and help him to learn while strengthening his body and mind.
• Isolate a particular smaller age appropriate toy or set up a little scene (like a group of toy cars parked or an age appropriate puzzle on the couch, chair or somewhere on the floor. Let your baby crawl to it and discover the toy on an unusual place. You will see that when your baby reaches the toy, it will hold his interest by the very fact that it’s in an unusual place. Put out different toys on varying days to keep your baby curious.
• You can try finger plays and songs, such as the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or “Twinkle twinkle little star”. Babies love music and they love to imitate others. Soon he’ll be trying to sing along and imitate your moves. Be creative when doing finger plays. You can rock your baby in your lap on the floor as you “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” gently down the stream together. Your baby may surprise you with some extra giggles and smiles as you play and sing.
• Fold a piece of cardboard and make a hill. Show him how to put a toy car on top and let it roll down.
• Stack blocks: Large cardboard nesting alphabet blocks can be used as containers, building blocks and nesting toys.
• Build a tower, and then give him a turn. But don’t be surprised if he would rather knock down yours than build one on his own.
• Play with sand. A soup strainer is a good sandbox toy because it’s easy for him to manipulate, and he can watch the sand pour out from different heights.
• Show him his shadow on a sunny day. Stand in his and let he stand in yours.
• Play with older children: If he doesn’t have older siblings, invite some older kids over to play with. He’ll mimic what they’re doing, and you’ll be surprised at how much he will learn.
• Give him a stroller or shopping cart and send him for a stroll.
• Put a few items, such as a spoon, toy car and cup, in a shoebox. Name each one as he pulls it out of the box. The more you play naming games with him, the more opportunities he has to learn language.
• Toys : Walking and riding toys, cars, dolls, strollers, building blocks, interactive books.

**** Source (http://www.baiboo.com.my)


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Wahhh, eyeing something for danish? :)

harzharun said...

Ye lah...kuda tu sgt best kan..ms aku kecik aku ada kuda rotan..mn lah aku ingat tp dlm gmbr ada..hihi


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