out of sudden.

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
remember my last few entries? the mix up feelings?

it's amazing how his soothing words could always calm me down.
suddenly he became the lovey dovey romantic husband i used to know.
no, really!
it has been sometimes since we really talk about us.
it's always about the kids, family, work and all. sgt jarang tentang kami.

especially now that he's working so far away.

and after i wrote the last entry, out of sudden he texted me --- romantically.
and we talked.

and yg paling best he reminds me this :
jgn cari org lain ok kat sana. hubby dah bagi the best kat cyg...

in other words, please be loyal ye.

OMG did he knows??? did he read this blog?


don't worry hubby.
i am a free spirit woman.
i will do whatever it is as i please.
but i will always return to you.

you're everything to me.
you're my husband, remember?
and you're the only one that i love.



Suraya Hafizi Jafar said...

haha fasha, dia baca la tu..

sha said...

no, i dont think so. dia takkan baca blog okeh. ahahha


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