he's coming home!

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
yes he's coming home!
he's coming home tonite!

he's scheduled to be back end of next month. tapi last few days bgtau kena ke onshore. bila dah di onshore harus la ngambil kesempatan balik ke sini kan. ai of course sgt hepi. heee

padahalnya bukan tak pernah long distance relationship pun. but this time around it's different.
coz he has changed.
we've changed. 
to a much better couple.
to a much more exciting, thrilling relationship.

i've never been good with this kinda living apart kan. the last time i did this, i was engaged with someone else, remember?!!
gila ah ding dong.

and that was history.

he's coming home.
he's coming home tonite!!!

padahal baru 2 minggu lebih tak jumpa kot.
padahal pagi2, tghari, petang, malam dok wassap je kan. dah la wassap, call lagik.

but i'm sooo looking forward to this!

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