kegilaan apakah?

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
i'm mad, sad, stressed out, happy, guilty, all.
di kanan dan kiri.

seribu satu rasa ada dalam diri.
and most of all, i feel guilty.
walaupun selalu cakap, i think it's not wrong for me to do that... but deep inside i know it's all WRONG!

and shopping, which is my usual theraphy pun tak dapat menghilangkan rasa gundah ini.

mid life crisis kot.

but, yey! impian no. 1 utk 2015 dah tercapai!
my first LV henbeg!!

actually, telah membeli 3 henbeg yesterday.
this LV, a silver Coach Madison and another brown Michael Kors Satchel.
'kekdahnya beli 2 henbeg yg lebih kurang sama???

also below Coach watch.

gila aih.

but seriously, hidup agak berterabur these few weeks. maka telah bersoping secara extreme.

tutup mata, order dan bayar.

and a few other impian juga telah tercapai. which is stop using my credit card for shopping. and also to update this blog regularly.

ye. sgt kagum dgn diri sendiri okeh.

sorry but this is my personal blog.
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