Love & Kisses ✿ sha
it's almost 2 am now and suddenly I feel like blogging after reading some FB updates from my old frens back in MMU time.

all the stories...
the divorces.
the engagement.
the new weddings.
OMG how time flies!
ai berasa sangat tua hokey!
it's been almost 10 years now since I left MMU tapi kenangan tetap mcm dahulu.

setiap kali ke Mlk, setiap hembusan nafas, setiap kali berdiri tepi jln and mandang kiri kanan, perasaannya tetap sama macam dulu-dulu.

and suddenly I'm a mother of two.

sometimes I crave for something adventurous, something out of ordinary, and sometimes I do feels like Sarah in Daddy by Danielle Steel but heck! I've been living a blissful life, I've had what other people had been craving for, and I've been living thru hell before. so kenapa mahu laluinya lagi, kan?

it's just sometimes.
yes, sometimes.

Dear Me,
Be grateful for what you have. There're people out there who dream of having your life.

two beautiful children.
a lovey dovey hubby.

no, life has never been perfect.
it probably never will.
but I know I will always have you and you and you to stand by me even if the whole world falls apart.

thank you Allah for everything.



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