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Love & Kisses ✿ sha
I want that beautiful red sofa.
Fabric. Not leather or jati, but real fabric.
I hate jati.

But I don't think it will be quite suitable for us since fabric sofa prone to be dirtied quite easily, right?

'what if someday, my kids termuntah atas sofa tu.
mesti akan mengamuk sakan la mak dia ni, kan?

Whatever it is, I've told my dear hubby that our sofa must be in red color.
And guess what? He totally agreed with me.
*wink wink*

And striking green curtains to match with it.

And that gorgeous Japanese-style bedroom set from Cavenzi.

or this lovely Balinese-style bed.

And that crooked-shaped display cabinet.

And the stunning room divider.

and, and...
'wahhh sangat tak sabarlah mau membeli-belah nih!

and, oh... look at that!
This contemporary living room set is made of belle suede and wood.

Very nice, kan.
I'm sooo into this type of modern design.

'maybe cream-colored sofa is not so bad after all.
I can always use red curtain to match with it.
hem hem.

Tadi time video conference kat opis, kepala otak aku bole dok terpikir pasal that red sofa and the green curtain.

very the ding-dong.

Another 8 months until our wedding and I haven't prepared a thing!
Hantaran untuk majlis tunang ni pun lansung tak disentuh lagi.

haish haish.
Terover excited la pulak dengan furniture untuk rumah baru.



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