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I've been neglegting this blog. I know.
and it's a good thing actually.
It means that kepala aku tak berapa nak serabut dah.

Come to think of it, memang betul pun.
I only write when there're lots of things in my mind yg aku tak rasa nak luahkan di alam biasa.

Anyway, tomorrow is 2016 ye.
Sangat cepat masa berlalu kan.

Danish is going to kindy next Sunday.
We lived in Jhr so school always starts on Sundays.
I hate it that school is off on Friday when I had to work on that day.

Hubby is also off on Friday/Saturday so I'm thinking of taking day off on some of the Fridays next year.
Macam kesian kat budak2 kan.
And leceh la nak balik kampung pasni.

So anyway, we've been kindy hunting for the past few months and bln 10 tu dah register kat Brainy Bunch pun.
tiba-tiba tengok, ada pulak Little Caliph baru bukak kat sini.

I've been eyeing on Little Caliph for sooo long.
I love their way of educating the kids with the English Medium Islamic Montessori kind of thing.
and the fees is quite acceptable.
Tapi time tu cuma ada kat Tmn Scientex je and no way that I'm gonna send Danish to that place sebab kawasan tu adalah gila jem okeh! people said that it's like masuk ke mulut harimau ye!

and then my fren said that CIC also baru open dkt Bkt Dahlia.

so telah berbelah bagi.
Brainy Bunch is RM630 per month. Registration and all = RM1650. Little Caliph is RM400. Registration and all = RM2090.

so sebenarnya lebih kurang je kot.
and we have to pay for another day-care sebab aku keje on Friday, and it is RM120 per month.

I don't get to check on CIC sebab aritu bila call je, they said already full, so malas nak tanya yuran.
There're lots of other good kindy around here tapi hubby nak yg sekali dgn day care so that Danish tak payah naik van.

kesian okeh kecik2 kena naik van.
even nanti kalau dia dah darjah 1 pun aku tatau macam mana nak bagi dia naik van.

I don't care much about the kindy actually.
Sebab Danish kecik lagi kot.
Biar dia main puas2 and enjoy his childhood life as long as he wants to.

Sekarang ni pun dia dah hafal beberapa surah lazim, al fatihah semua tu, so as long as he behave, pandai baca sikit2 then it's fine with me. Tak perlu la nak belajar sempoa bagai, dengan homework berlambak bwk balik rumah. He's only 5 okeh!

So this Friday we're going there for some briefing and parents meet-up.
not sure if hubby is going to be here this weekend.
he's been commuting KB-T'ganu-PG for almost every weekend now and I'm so kesian with him.
But then he's overly excited that Danish is finally going to kindy okeh. omak adalah tiada berperasaan, as usual.

So, until next year, bye!

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