Aaira Aleena @ 5 months

Love & Kisses ✿ sha

Papa and Aaira wearing our new Stork by Snuggbaby.
'cantek kans? hehe

cantek and best.

Aaira is 5 mths & 3 weeks old today.
Sangat banyak cerita dia yg aku tertinggal untuk tuliskan di sini.
as usual, omak yg super bizi.

She already had her first meal last Saturday, waktu berumur 5 bln 2 minggu.

dah kena HFMD, demam, batuk semua la.
complete set.

had her rotavirus & pneumococcal vaccine, etc-etc.
dah bergolek guling, merangkak dari tilam ke bawah meja mkn pun.
cerita seterusnya dlm next-next entry ye =p

I'm currently reading Dr Halina's blog and seriously, what she said is absolutely true hokey. Her writings reflect how I feel but still, being a work-at-home-mother-with-HUGE-income is my lifelong ambition. hehe.

"Imagine this.. you’re lack of sleep for days, physically exhausted from all things, caffeine-deprived, one child is crying and screaming, pulling your shirt, the other one screaming for milk, you haven’t bathe, haven’t check your twitter timeline for hours (ok, that is unnecessary but i love to read my twitter timeline!) and all you want to do is just rest preferably in a quiet environment which is almost impossible!!

Admit it, you have had that moment before.. me and my husband, we call it a “what-have-i-done” moment! Haha..

I’m just a human. I’m not perfect, I love my children to bits but still I had my breakdown occasionally especially when I’m super exhausted. It’s ok to feel like that. It’s acceptable and only temporary. We are not angels. As long as we know how to manage it. It should be fine.

Knowing the triggering factor helps your a lot in managing your breakdown. At least you can try to avoid. Another important thing is to let your other half know. My husband, he’s my partner-in-crime (well, we’re not exactly committing a crime here but literally..) My husband has been a great support to me. He knows when I started to look like zombie walking around the house, he will take charge of the children and let me rest. And I do the same for him too.

Sometimes when he’s not around, what I do is I just go somewhere quiet. Usually that will be the toilet! Hahaha… Close my eyes, take deep breath in and out until I feel better, then I switched back to my mommy mode.

If deep breathing doesn’t work.. retail therapy will definitely helps!! They didn’t call it retail therapy for no reason!! Expect parcels to arrive in the next few days :D

Another option that I do to reduce stress is exercise. I knew the fact that exercise will release endorphin, that is the hormone that makes you feel happy. But I only put up to practice recently. It really makes you feel good about yourself and happy in general.

Or, you can also blog about it and let the whole world know!!

Whatever they do, despite all the crying and sleepless night and screaming and the demands driving me crazy.. my children are my life! I know my “what-have-I-done” moment is just temporary.. it will go away! But my children are forever! And yes, 10 children is still in the plan :D
My respect goes to all stay-at-home-mom out there. They are just amazing doing same routine day in and day out (and no lunch break, no weekends off, no overtime claim). I’m a type of person who needs to work to become a better mom. I’m telling you being a stay-at-home-mom is much more demanding than being a doctor!!"


harzharun said...

waaaa,stork ko mmg hebat!....

Ada syarikat engenering sendri lg hebat!....
Go go fasha...!!!

Aku pun pbaca tetap blog bini angkasawan...


mama salwa said...

saya pun seorang WAHM..jom sama2 kita jadi jutawan suriumah..hehe



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