where are you?

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
I'm losing my mind..
Where's that thing that makes my cheek glow, my lips moist and plump.. my eyes sparkle..?

It's all gone missing...

Where are you my dear?
Where's my freaking make up pouch!!

I can't find my make up bag anywhere and haven't been able to find it during these few months of my confinement leave. I don't know how I could have lost it, most probably I left it in my old car and bila dah jual kereta tu tak koser la nak call back the dealer and tanya, ada nampak beg mekap saye tak? hoho

and the fact that today is my last day of being a stay-at-home-mother, and I'm going somewhere tomorrow and of course I need to look decent so it's time to start finding replacement. nasib baik la tengah sale ni kan.

I'm not the type who wears make ups all the time, only the essentials like blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick and a two-way cake. and I prefer to have one kind of everything at a time. and since I haven't bought anything in a long time so bila jadi gini harus la kelam kabut kan.

I googled and lots of people prefer Nars blusher to MAC or Bobbi Brown.
But then, I don't think there's any Nars around here in Malaysia, right?
The nearest is in S'pore.
adekah alasan nak gi sana sebab nak beli blusher Nars?
jangan harap.

So maybe I'll just buy it online.
3 weeks of no-blusher takpe kot...
aa menyesal pulak tak beli time awal-awal maternity leave aritu.

and for other thing, maybe I'll just go for Bobbi Brown.

At least bila hilang gini I have an excuse to go and buy some more la kan. So esok lepas hantar anak-anak semua ke nursery, omak akan gigih menapak ke Aeon Tebrau.

dah la first time nak bawak kereta tu kan.
and first time pulak nak drive after 4 months. wuhuhu...
don't worry ye hubby. cyg berusaha takkan apa2kan kereta itu. hihi.

before this, time preggy takdenya aku nak pakai eye shadow bagai.
contact lens pun entah campak kat mana.
berspek tebal ye for the past 9 months.

tapi la ni kena la berubah, kan.
being a mom is not an excuse not to look good, kan?
especially now that I'm entering the thirtiesssss T_T


harz harun said...

psssstt..website mn jual nars?

cik chinta said...

klo bli 09. kdg2 kn tgu stok. lg lbt spi. btr bli dlu ap yg ado. ha8. tp yg 09 bli jg. ble gtu?

sha said...

ada 2, 3 web jugak jual nars ni harz. belijgn x beli yeh. hehe



aah mmg lama btul nak tunggu stok. sbb tu i dah terbeli blush bobbi brown juger. hehe


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