Love & Kisses ✿ sha
Remember my last entry?
yep. finally I've got the gut to tell Hubby the whole story.
ok maybe not the whole, but almost three quarter of it =p
saspen okeh saspen. haha.

Aku ni tak pernah kena marah lagi ngan Hubby semenjak kawin but I'm so sure kali ni kompem2 kena.
but amazingly, dia tak marah pun tadi.
He just laughed out loud.
terkejut ai oke.

And unfortunately I don't have time to write it all here now but the clue is, it's about Joe.

The story begins sometimes 3, 4 years ago.
waktu mula2 aku kenal Hubby.
and yep, it's in my old blog.
and as usual, for those who knew they'll know.

Tapi sebenarnya things like this yg lebih mengeratkan hubungan kami suami isteri. Semenjak ada budak tecik comel ni kan jarang ada masa nak berbual lama2. selalu balik kerja pun dah sibuk uruskan hal si kecik tu and segala urusan rumahtangga.

And semalam tiba2 tok abah and tok mama dtg sini nak amik Danish bwk balik sebab dah rindu sangat ngan cucu kesayangan so mcm berhoneymooning balik la kami kan. and of course, we talked all day and night about everything. best okeh best. sometimes nights alone are good for the relationship kan.

my oh my, how I love you Hubby!
thanks for everything, thanks for being there listening, thanks that you never let me be alone, thanks that forever you promise to be my own...

thank you Hubby... life is beautiful because of you ^_^

last but not least, Salam Aidilfitri everyone!!


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