AMWAY naik harga!

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ok, Amway akan menaikkan harga produk mulai 15/2/16 ini ya. so sesiapa yg nak restock barang especially the Confinement Set (Set Bersalin Tropical Herbs), Deodorant, Allano Hand & Body Lotion, Allano Talcum, etc, sila beli cepat2 tau.

Annoucement adalah seperti di bawah.

Price Revision for Malaysia - 15 February 2016 and 15 April 2016! 

There will be a price increase of selected AMWAY coreline products in early 2016. Since the last price increase in February 2013 for Nutrition & Wellness, and in April 2013 for Home Care, Personal Care, Houseware and selected products in the Hometech range, we have held our prices to enable AMWAY Business Owners (ABOs) to retain their customers who are loyal to our products.

The increase is due to higher cost of sales, covering labour, raw materials, finished goods, and other cost components, as a result of a weaker Ringgit and higher transfer price. Rest assured, we have deliberated on the quantum of price increase to ensure our products continue to remain competitive.

The overall weighted price increase will be 9.3%. The price increase will be done in stages to allow sufficient time for ABOs to advise their customers.



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