turning 33.

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
and, it's my birthday today!
29th Oct to be exact.

nothing much though.
it's just me, little Aaira and cik Danish as usual.
hubby said he's coming home today.
he has been home for every weekend now but I don't encourage him to be back that much.
all those fatigue, the distance...
that will definitely worn him out someday.
so, takpe la kot.
it's just a birthday anyway.
no big deal.
lagipun dah dapat hadiah besday yg sangat bes kan :p

but to think that we'll get used with this LDR arrangement... nope.
it will never gets easier.
but it will get better in time.
insya allah.
hum hum.

So... 33 ye.
It’s not that I care about age, really.
I mean, everyone is shocked when I tell them how old I am anyways, them thinking I’m about ten years younger :p And I don’t feel thirty-three either.

Yes, I do feel like the best time of my life is still to come.
And yes, I do feel as if I'm less naive about how the world works now than when I was younger.
And yes, there are many things that I've done and accomplished that I'm proud of by this age.
But on the other hand,  no - I don't feel as content as I should've been, and I thought about resigning all the time. kesian kesian.

It's not that I don't like my job. Segalanya adalah baik di sini. kot. It's just that I don't like to do the routine, waking up every morning, sending my kids to kindy, working and dreading everything. u know, the stuff.

kan best kalau dpt golek2 atas katil lama sikit, preparing brekfes for everyone, then working leisurely in the comfort of my own home.

impian yang kecil, yang jauh di sudut hati ialah resign dan duduk berumah di sebuah kampung di tepi pantai di negeri Terengganu sambil menjalankan bisnes Charms & Colors.
'bole tak?


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