my not-so-new obsession

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
tiba-tiba saya telah menjadi obsessed dgn cik novel okeh.
I'm not being the normal me anymore. 

semenjak mengenali itu 50 shades trilogy.

that's the first book that I really read after almost 3 years.
gila lama tak baca buku okeh.
padahal dulu2 waktu single, sehari tak baca buku memang tak lengkap hidup ye.
good books are my daily supplements.

got married with this wonderful hubby, and with little Danish and Aaira tagging along, there were hardly time for me and anything else. let alone this old hobby.

out of sudden, we had to be in this long distance relationship...
I've got a part time maid who cleans up the house regularly.
Danish sleeping in his own bedroom.
and Aaira no longer the baby she was.

balik rumah, charge henpon, layan the kids, borak2, makan, temankan diorang tido, pukul 9.30 I finally got my me time - to read the damn novels of course!

During lunch hour I can't wait to finish my meal, baring2 sambil baca novel di surau. but weekends when hubby is around, of course la no-book-day for me kan.

It all started few months back.
I read this good review for the 50 shades trilogy by an old fren back in MMU time. ok, tiba2 teringat my English lecturer and my old nickname, Datin Zaharah as in Datin Zaharah Sulaiman. 
hahaha T_T

so when she offered me the e-book, of course I hepi menari-nari kan.
when u started the book, no way u'll ever stop.

itulah buku pertama yg buat aku berjaga sampai pukul 4.30 pg on weekdays beberapa hari berturut-turut okeh! walaupun cerita dia sebenarnya tak berapa nak best, it's the adrenalin that push me to keep going. to know what will happen to them makes the waiting unbearable. so, dahla mlm tido pukul 4.30, tghari time lunch hour kelam kabut sambung baca buku tu balik. then bila dah abis baca, I'm dreading to start it all over again. gila ah ding dong!

setelah menahan diri utk membaca buku itu for the 3rd round, I search ups and down for another good books. akhirnya berjaya donlod beberapa puluh novel bestseller ye.

I've just finished the Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire last night. 
love love love it!
and also a few novels by Colleen Hoover.
at first I thought she's just a plain novelist until u read till the end. then only u'll know why she is in the bestseller board!

and that started me to purchase books from Amazon and reading all the reviews in

I've stop all my tv activities and replying my friends' whatsapp only when I feel like it. 
gila ahhh!

but then, this is way better for me... for us. 
it stops me from doing things that I might regret later.
seperti yang pernah aku tuliskan sebelum ini.

 'kan sangat banyak dugaan when hubby is not around?

and this is the worst ending ever! 
it's like, what???
ok, I just can't wait for her 4th book walopun novel dia sebenarnya tak berapa nak best pun tapi aku suka jalan cerita dia.

Slyvia Day, please be kind to me T_T

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