overwhelmingly happy!

Love & Kisses ✿ sha
I love this blog design.
coz it feels like me inside out.
tapi macam kena tukar theme baru.
sebab macam dah terlalu lama dengan yang ini.

and it doesn't look quite professional either.
with me having CHARMS & COLORS and Cheezylicious Cakes di kiri dan kanan.

but who needs professional anyway?

I love this blog for what it is.
and blog ini bukan officially my business blog pun.
Ia blog personal yg bermula dengan cerita-cerita kami dari zaman bujang dulu sehingga beranak dua ineh.

macam sayang je kan kalau mahu jadikan ia nampak professional.
tanpa cerita-cerita mengarut macam zaman dulu-dulu.

oh by the way, bulan ini adalah bulan gembira.
I started fresh on everything.
enhancing the business, new way of handling the stock take, customer record, everything.
kan sebelum ni segalanya manual.
tapi bila sales mencecah puluhan ribu setiap bulan, manual adalah sangat tak efisyen.

lots of people been asking me, how did I start? why? when?
seriously I don't know what's the answer.
I'm not even a business minded person.
I don't study marketing, accounts.
mind me, I used to be an Accounts Executive but to tell you the truth, I've never really like accounts in my whole life.
sangat dibenci okeh.

and I don't really like to sell things.
I'm just doing things that I love.

I love to talk about kids.
I love to shop branded and beautiful things.
I love to advise people what is the best product, the cheapest one, the best brand on earth, things that works well with me, and I love creative things, designing and all.

Sebab itu wujudnya CHARMS & COLORS, the love of my life other than encik Hubby, Danish & Aaira :)

and another new project coming soon within this month.
we did well last time and I pray it goes as well this time.
Insya allah :)

and kelmarin, baru mendapat berita untuk transfer ke Central.
oh my... this is what I've been praying for all this while. to get out and get over with this brain-damaging Offshore BU. alhamdulillah...

seriously I can write no more.
I'm sooo overwhelmingly happy!


Amal Salleh said...

waaaaaaaaaaa besnye da stabil ngn bsns~

Aida & Riana said...

congratz dear..
betul, bila kita suka keje yg kita buat, pnt mcmana pun, still nak buat jgk..

crystal wilson said...

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